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CamoCopy - The No.1 ChatGPT alternative and Google replacement

πŸ”Productivity and online search combined

Similar to ChatGPT, you can use CamoCopy to ask complex questions, summarize text, translate text, generate text, write articles, create content for social media, and much more. You can even use Camocopy as a powerful and effective search engine and replacement for Google. Try it out for yourself.

πŸ”’Simplicity & Privacy

Interact in a conversation with CamoCopy like with any human. It is easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your personal data. Unlike other companies, we don't read your chats or train our algorithms on your data. Your chats and online searches are even encrypted. We literally never track you. Privacy is our core value.


The big problem behind the most popular AI tools

❌The problem

Whether you realise it or not, the employees of the big tech companies behind the now indispensable and supposedly user-friendly AI tools like Gemini, ChatGPT or Copilot are actively reading your messages. This has a bad flavour, especially as it can often involve sensitive data and conversations

βœ…The solution

CamoCopy not only protects your privacy, but also offers you the best AI solution to increase your productivity. With CamoCopy, you can work securely and anonymously without your data being tracked, read or sold. It's even encrypted so that no one can read it. With CamoCopy, you don't pay with your data!

ChatGPT & others

❌ Subscription (ΓΈ 200€/year)
❌ No encrypted chats
❌ Chats are read
❌ Bad internet source
❌ No privacy
❌ No integrated search engine
❌ 1000+ prompt templates
❌ No share in success


βœ… No subscription
βœ… Encrypted chats
βœ… Chats are never read
βœ… Good internet sources
βœ… Full privacy
βœ… Integrated search engine
βœ… 1000+ prompt templates
βœ… Share in the success (Affiliate)

Get CamoCopy - without subscription

Unleash the full potential and increase your productivity and online search many times over. Get CamoCopy and enjoy full privacy without tracking and the benefits of the best AI technology. It's your unfair advantage and the best alternative to ChatGPT and Google


πŸŽ‰ 1000+ prompts
Work even more efficiently

Copy and paste

With over 1000 ready-made prompts from different, highly relevant categories, you can optimise your use of CamoCopy even further. Simply select a topic and you will immediately receive several templates and ideas that you only need to copy and paste into CamoCopy. This way you can work even faster and more efficiently.

Create stunning, ultra-realistic images, illustrations and graphics

Create in seconds

You don't need to be an expert or artist to create professional images. With a simple description, you can create stunning images or artwork straight from your imagination in seconds

For private and commercial use

β€’ Create cool and professional designs in no time
β€’ Earn money with your designs via a print-on-demand online business
β€’ Use your images for your website
β€’ Create images that match your text for social media, blogs or articles

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This is what you get with your one-off payment:
βœ… Access to the software - Better ChatGPT & Google alternative
βœ… Generate 300.000 words
βœ… Create 200 images
βœ… Do 2.500 internet searches
βœ… Access to over 1000 helpful prompts (copy and paste)
βœ… Privacy - Data protection
βœ… Not paying with your data
βœ… Lifetime access and updates
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CamoCopy has been praised on several renowned tech platforms like Producthunt as one of the best software solutions for productivity and data protection

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