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Powerful AI without compromising privacy

From quickly answering your most complex questions, to analysing images and documents, to creating images and finding information on the web - CamoCopy makes your life and work easier and more productive in the blink of an eye. Our core principle: maximum protection of your data and privacy. More than simply a privacy-friendly ChatGPT alternative. Here you never pay with your data.
🇪🇺 GDPR compliant AI-assistant

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Lift your productivity and privacy to another level

🔍Productivity and online search combined

Similar to ChatGPT, you can use CamoCopy to ask complex questions, summarize text, translate text, generate text, write articles, create content for social media, and much more. You can even use Camocopy as a powerful and effective search engine and replacement for Google. Try it out for yourself.

🔒Simplicity & Privacy

Interact in a conversation with CamoCopy like with any human. It is easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your personal data. Unlike other companies, we don't read your chats or train our algorithms on your data. Your chats and online searches are even encrypted. We literally never track you. Privacy is our core value.

Upload images and let intelligent image recognition help you

📸AI-supported image recognition

Experience the world from a new perspective and receive valuable information instantly. With built-in AI-based image recognition, you can easily upload images, let the AI analyse them and ask follow-up questions. Whether you want to identify objects or extract specific information from your images. The privacy of your images is always protected as all data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form. Discover how intelligent image recognition can make your life easier, save you valuable time and give you new insights.

More than just an AI assistant - an all-rounder and search engine

CamoCopy is your all-in-one tool for knowledge, search and creativity.

🔍Browse faster and smarter thanks to the perfect symbiosis of AI and search engine

CamoCopy allows you to switch between AI chat and search engine to quickly get relevant answers to your most complex questions. Want images and sources to confirm the accuracy of the answer? That's no longer a problem with the new integrated AI search engine. Ask questions like "How much does Bitcoin cost right now" and get up-to-date information. All search queries are anonymous and encrypted.

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Working together to innovate GDPR-compliant AI solutions

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Join CamoCopy, like hundreds of other privacy-conscious users who are already increasing their productivity while protecting their data.

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CamoCopy has been praised on several renowned tech platforms such as Producthunt as one of the best software solutions for productivity and data protection.

Your intelligent, privacy-friendly companion - everywhere

📱CamoCopy app for iOS and Android

Discover a world of new possibilities with the CamoCopy app: Access the AI chat feature and search engine on the go and get instant answers to your questions, find relevant information with images or create your own images effortlessly. CamoCopy is more than just your ChatGPT alternative. The app is available for iOS and Android and offers you the same security and privacy as the web version. Knowledge and creativity - always at your fingertips.

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Built on the basis of a powerful, local, open source technology

🤝EU partners and self-hosted models

To protect your data from big tech and prying eyes, we only use local servers in the EU and carefully selected European partners with the same data protection standards for our entire infrastructure and basis model. So when you use Camocopy in standard mode, not a single bit of your data is sent to any powerful big tech companies. Camocopy always runs on the most powerful open source model currently available, switching between LLAMA 3 and Mistral. Due to the high demand from the community, you can now also select models from OpenAI in Camocopy 4.0 and thus use ChatGPT in Camocopy. Your chats are slightly better protected than when using OpenAI directly, as your data is not used for their training purposes and remains in the EU.

Why Camocopy?

AI experience that is fun. Freedom without compromise.


Best user experience

CamoCopy is super easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your personal data. Unlike other companies, we don't read your chats or train our algorithms with your data.


Anonymized data

We strive to store as little information about you as possible on our servers. That's why you can automatically anonymize your data in every chat in your browser and have a smooth AI experience without having to worry about your data.


Encrypted chats

All chats, files and images that you upload are encrypted and stored on servers located in the European Union. All other data we process from you is also stored and anonymized on our own servers in the EU. Your data belongs to you.


Stay ahead with our complete AI solution

You can rely on our versatile AI platform to provide you with the very latest developments in AI. Regular enhancements and new features ensure you stay at the forefront of innovation.


Earn money legitimately online

Camocopy offers you the opportunity to earn money part-time as an affiliate in a reputable way and at the same time make an important contribution to global data protection. You can get started right away. We offer you all the tools you need to be successful.


Anonymous and fast Internet search

Ask CamoCopy for anything you want and get instant answers with relevant up-to-date internet sources and images. CamoCopy can give you results similar to Google. Your search queries are anonymized and encrypted.

A limitless, omniscient and universal AI without compromise

Camocopy offers you an infinite number of use cases and protects your valuable data and that of your customers in every single case.

✍🏼Copywriting / SEO / Social media marketing

Use CamoCopy for SEO, copywriting, improving and writing articles and better marketing of products. Use CamoCopy to create professional content for your social media or to quickly compile interesting facts.

🌴Holiday planning / leisure time

Use CamoCopy to plan your next trip or simply to efficiently plan your next exciting leisure activity and let Camocopy advise you.

🎓Learning / Programming

Use CamoCopy to acquire new knowledge, to learn, to improve your own programming code, to have other codes explained to you in detail and much more.


Unleash your creativity or let the AI inspire you. There are endless ways to use CamoCopy and simplify your daily life.

Create stunning images, illustrations, graphics or logos

Unleash your creativity and use the built-in studio to create professional-looking images and artwork - all with a simple description.

Create in a matter of seconds

You don't need to be an expert or artist to create professional images. With our built-in text-to-image generator, you can create stunning images or artwork in seconds with a simple description.

For private and commercial use

• Create beautiful, professional-looking designs in the blink of an eye
•Enhance your advertising campaigns with captivating, eye-catching, or mesmerizing images
• Generate revenue from your designs through a print-on-demand online business
• Present your images on your website to grab attention
• Create visuals that complement your text for social media, blogs, articles, and more
• Or simply design cool artwork for fun, for yourself, or as unique gifts for friends and family.

If you can dream it, you can create it.

Experience the realisation of your fantasy like never before!
👋 Earn money with AI
Be part of the artificial intelligence boom and earn a regular income by recommending CamoCopy to your friends, customers or others. Make serious money online with CamoCopy and support privacy at the same time. 🔐

🎉 1000+ Prompts
Work even more efficiently

Copy and paste

With over 1000 ready-made prompts (commands) from different, highly relevant categories, you can optimise the way you use CamoCopy even further. Simply select a topic and you will immediately receive several templates and ideas that you only need to copy and paste into CamoCopy. This allows you to work even faster and more efficiently.

Additional security through 2FA

As an extra layer of security for your CamoCopy account, we support Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When 2FA is enabled, you must enter a code in addition to your password each time you log in.

Flexible pricing

One-off payment or affordable subscription

A fair and flexible pricing structure where you can choose to top up based on your usage or pay monthly for unlimited usage. 🎉


Limited features to try out

  • Discover and test Camocopy for free but with limited functionality
special offer


The subscription for unlimited AI - every month.

14,90 € 29,80
  • Generate an unlimited number of words per month
  • Create 50 images per month
  • Unlimited internet searches
  • Premium Features & More


Best for beginners and for trying out

15 €
No subscription - one-off payment
  • Generate 10,000 words (equivalent to 22 PDF pages)
  • Create 10 images
  • 100 Internet searches
  • Premium Features & More
  • Your balance never expires


Get 10 times more than with the Lite package.

39 € 49
= 10 x LITE
No subscription - one-off payment
  • Generate 100,000 words (equivalent to 220 PDF pages or 1 book)
  • Create 100 images
  • 1000 Internet searches
  • Premium Features & More
  • Your balance never expires


Tailored solution for companies and agencies

  • Customized solutions
  • API access for your own applications
  • For your customers and your employees
  • Dedicated GPU (in the EU) - for the highest data protection

CamoCopy Business Solution

Bring powerful generative AI support to your organisation and team without compromising on data security with CamoCopy. CamoCopy offers best-in-class, GDPR-compliant AI solutions that will catapult your business to the next level in the age of AI. From improving customer service to summarising text, document analysis, text translation, idea generation and more. CamoCopy increases your organisation's productivity while protecting sensitive company data and the privacy of your employees and customers. Discover the benefits of privacy-enhancing generative AI for your business.

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Why you should opt for a privacy-friendly AI

As artificial intelligence continues to advance and have a significant impact on our daily lives, privacy is increasingly at the forefront. While the impressive power of generative AI can bring unprecedented benefits, it also comes with risks as providers and large tech companies use it to their advantage. It's easier than ever to sift through your chats, analyse them and draw automated conclusions in seconds. What's more, the data we share with AI can be used for advertising, model training or surveillance. Your most sensitive and valuable data can be sold or shared with third parties. For these companies, this data is a gold mine, which is why they often offer their services for free. Unfortunately, consumers have no control over how their data is being used and potentially abused in the background, and have to rely on big promises that are often not kept. AI has made constant surveillance easier than ever. We are putting an end to this. Our privacy-friendly AI gives you maximum efficiency and support in your everyday life, without exploiting your personal information and data. Trust AI that respects and protects your privacy. With CamoCopy, your data belongs to you, not tech companies or governments. Learn more about the dangers of AI on your privacy.

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