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Secure, privacy-friendly AI assistant based on the principle of "your data, your rules". Increase employee productivity and provide a secure and trusted generative AI solution based on open source technology that respects privacy. Using traditional AI assistants can leak sensitive business secrets really fast.


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Get CamoCopy Enterprise and take advantage of the most powerful open source language model for your organisation. With the Enterprise version of CamoCopy, you get access to a dedicated instance with additional protection and the ability to access the API that allows you to integrate CamoCopy into your business processes. Here, your data is safe and secure from the prying eyes of big tech and co. Contact us to test CamoCopy for your organisation

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Use CamoCopy in your organisation for numerous use cases. From improving customer service to summarising texts, analysing data sets, translating texts, generating ideas and much more. With access to the API, it is even possible to integrate CamoCopy into your own business processes and benefit from process automation. Build your own privacy-first application with the API.

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Do you need our help to integrate a GDPR compliant open source model into your current business solution? Or do you want to switch from OpenAI to a GDPR compliant solution with the same performance? Talk to an expert to advance data protection and productivity in your business.

Why CamoCopy?

CamoCopy is built by a European based company that provides a privacy focused generative AI solution for individuals and enterprise customers. All data is stored on European based servers only. Our mission is to break away from the big tech monopolies and provide a privacy focused alternative to current AI solutions. CamoCopy never tracks you, never uses your data for training, never reads your data, never shares your data with third parties and encrypts your data. CamoCopy is constantly developing and innovating.

⚠️ Did you know that if you use Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Microsoft employees will still be able to read your messages, as per their terms of service. Even when deployed on a dedicated Azure endpoint within the European Union.

Want to see how CamoCopy compares to alternatives like ChatGPT?

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Bring your business to the next level with a GDPR-compliant AI solution by CamoCopy

With our bespoke AI solutions, you can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and compliance. Our AI assistants optimise workflows, accelerate data analysis and ensure GDPR compliance. Streamline operations and empower your team today.

We offer dedicated EU-based GPU servers with custom models for your AI needs, API access for integration into your own business, automation and more.

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