The AI assistant where you are not the product

Use a European AI assistant that truly respects your privacy and does not use and sell your conversations for training purposes. At CamoCopy, you are not the product. Here you don't pay with your data.


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AI experience that's fun. Freedom without compromise.


Best user experience

CamoCopy is super easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your personal data. Unlike other companies, we do not read your chats and do not train our algorithms with your data.


Anonymized data

We strive to store as little information about you as possible on our servers. That's why you can automatically anonymize your data in any chat in your browser and have a smooth AI experience without having to worry about your data.


Encrypted chats

All chats are encrypted and stored on servers in the EU. All other data we process from you is also stored and anonymized on our own servers in the EU. Your data belongs to you.


Subscription-free perfection

Lifetime access and upgrades without annoying subscriptions. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our application is always up to date. New features and extensions are constantly being added.


Legit online earning

Camocopy offers you the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate in a serious way and at the same time make an important contribution to data protection. You can start immediately. We provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.


Anonymous and fast internet search

Ask CamoCopy about anything you want and get instant answers with relevant current internet sources and images. CamoCopy can provide you with similar results to Google. Your search queries are anonymized and encrypted.

Our users love CamoCopy

Join CamoCopy like hundreds of other privacy-conscious users who are already boosting their productivity while protecting their data.

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CamoCopy has been praised on several renowned technology platforms such as Producthunt as one of the best software solutions for productivity and privacy.

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βœ… No subscription
βœ… Generate 100.000 words
βœ… Create 100 images
βœ… 1.000 internet searches
βœ… 1000+ Prompts (1000+ commands template)
βœ… Lifetime access and updates

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Experience innovation. Shape the future. Protect privacy. Optimize everyday and work processes. Benefit as a brand ambassador and partner. Experience change.