The top 8 privacy-friendly tools for everyday use in 2024

8 tools from the EU and Switzerland

8 tools from the EU and Switzerland

As privacy and data protection become increasingly important, more people are seeking solutions that effectively safeguard their personal information and maintain their privacy. Fortunately, there are already many providers who respect your privacy, especially in the European Union and Switzerland, which have strict data protection laws. Here are the top 8 websites and services that prioritise privacy and are indispensable for everyday use. These providers are dedicated to protecting their users’ privacy and offer products and services that meet the highest security standards.

Vivaldi Browser: Secure Browsing from Norway

Vivaldi Browser is a web browser from Norway, developed by the co-founder of the well-known Opera browser. Vivaldi places great emphasis on customization and privacy, without tracking your activities or collecting data.

Why Choose Vivaldi?

Privacy: No tracking of your activities. Customization: Extensive options for a personalized browsing experience. Innovation: Regular updates and new features.

CamoCopy: Privacy-Friendly AI Assistant from Luxembourg

CamoCopy is an AI assistant with an integrated search engine that can assist you in daily life and work. CamoCopy is the privacy-friendly alternative to ChatGPT or Microsoft CoPilot, with a special focus on protecting users’ privacy. All data, from chats to files, is encrypted and hosted exclusively in the EU.

Why Choose CamoCopy?

Privacy: Encryption and EU hosting. User-Friendly: Intuitive modern user interface. Efficiency: Powerful AI functions that respect your privacy.

ProtonMail: The Email Service from Switzerland

ProtonMail is an email provider with a strong focus on privacy and data protection. Founded by scientists at CERN, ProtonMail aims to protect its users’ privacy. The servers are located in Switzerland, and all data is stored encrypted, meaning ProtonMail cannot access your private emails.

Why Choose ProtonMail?

Location: Switzerland, known for strict data protection laws. Security: End-to-end encryption for maximum privacy. Email Tracker Blocker: ProtonMail blocks trackers and tracking pixels in incoming emails by default.

pCloud: Secure Storage from Switzerland

pCloud is a file hosting service from Switzerland. With pCloud, you can securely store and access your files, whether you’re using Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, or Android. Browser add-ons also allow you to quickly save images to pCloud storage.

Why Choose pCloud?

Versatility: Supports all major operating systems and offers practical browser add-ons. Data Security: Files are encrypted and securely stored in Switzerland. Flexibility: Various storage plans, including lifetime subscriptions.

MullvadVPN: Secure Connections from Sweden

MullvadVPN is a VPN service from Sweden, offering over 700 servers in 38 countries. Mullvad prioritizes complete anonymity and offers apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The entire source code is available on GitHub, ensuring maximum transparency. Even payment with cash is possible with MullvadVPN.

Why Choose MullvadVPN?

Anonymity: No logging of user data. Security: Strong encryption and open-source software. Price: Affordable and stable.

Qwant Maps: Privacy-Friendly Navigation from France

Qwant Maps is the navigation app from the French search engine Qwant. Like the search engine itself, Qwant Maps focuses on protecting users’ privacy and is based on open data sources like OpenStreetMap and OpenAddresses.

Why Choose Qwant Maps?

Privacy: No tracking of your locations. Open Data: Based on trusted, open data sources. User-Friendly: Intuitive navigation and accurate maps.

Threema: Secure Communication from Switzerland

Threema is an instant messaging app from Switzerland that enables secure and privacy-friendly communication. The apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux offer end-to-end encryption and are open source.

Why Choose Threema?

Privacy: Complete end-to-end encryption. Security: Open-source code for maximum transparency. Cross-Platform: Available on all major operating systems.

DeepL: High-Quality Translations from Germany

DeepL is a translation service known for its outstanding translation quality. The DeepL Pro servers are located in Finland and are operated in an ISO 27001 certified data center, regularly audited to ensure the highest security standards and GDPR compliance. DeepL recently introduced DeepL Write as well.

Why Choose DeepL?

Translation Quality: Highly accurate and context-aware translations. Security: Strict security and privacy standards. User-Friendly: Easy to use and integrates into various applications.


In conclusion, privacy and data protection are becoming increasingly important, and numerous providers cater to this need. Whether you’re looking for a secure browser, a privacy-friendly AI assistant, or encrypted messaging services, this selection covers the core needs of most internet users without compromising their privacy. For anyone who values the protection of personal data, these are highly recommended solutions.


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