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Privacy and productivity in harmony. Experience an integrated search engine with quick answers, internet resources and relevant images. You can also create your own artwork with the text-to-image generator.

πŸ”Productivity and online search combined

Similar to ChatGPT, you can use CamoCopy to ask complex questions, summarize text, translate text, generate text, write articles, create content for social media, and much more. You can even use Camocopy as a powerful and effective search engine and replacement for Google. Try it out for yourself.

πŸ”’Simplicity & Privacy

Interact in a conversation with CamoCopy like with any human. It is easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your personal data. Unlike other companies, we don't read your chats or train our algorithms on your data. Your chats and online searches are even encrypted. We literally never track you. Privacy is our core value.