Full control over your data

Camocopy never benefits from the use of your personal data. We only collect the information necessary to provide you with easy access to our products while preventing abuse by individual users. We take the protection of your data very seriously and treat it with the same care as our own, adhering to the strictest policies and the latest standards. Your personal data is stored and managed exclusively within the European Union.


Financing without selling your data

We do not use personal data as a means of payment, but offer our products and services at a transparent and fair price. We guarantee that your personal data will never be sold to third parties.


Encryption and anonymization

We automatically anonymize a large part of your personal information (such as your IP address) and encrypt data (such as chats).


European partners

We have carefully selected only the best European partners with the highest security standards for our entire infrastructure and hosting. It is important to us that your data never leaves the EU. In particular, you do not have to worry about Schrems II and that our application overrides the EU-US Privacy Shield.


No Google Analytics / No Tracking

We do not use Google & co. We evaluate the success of our website independently of large international big tech companies like Google, while at the same time ensuring that we do not track your activities across websites.


Payment data

When selling our products, we rely on our partner Digistore24, which is based in Germany and guarantees the highest standards in data protection and compliance with strict regulations of the European Union. The payment is completely processed via the reseller and we cannot see your sensitive payment data at any time.


Transparent privacy policy

Do you still have any questions? Then you can read the complete privacy policy with all important information. You can find this at the following link: Privacy Policy